Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Those in Power have betrayed the People

This video is an excellent example of the betrayal of the demonic filth that masquerade as human beings in Washington who swore an oath to serve and defend the United States Constitution.   These are the same offal who have engaged in a silent coup d'├ętat to secure their very shaky grip on power. Their only fail safe means of of covering their dark deeds is murder.   Death is their only fail safe weapon because a dead man tells no tales.

The one thing they often forget is that death comes for all of us.  There is a GOD and they will face eternal judgement. I assure you nothing that they gained in this very short life will make up for the first 10,000 years in HELL. When all they have amassed in this world has turned to rust and rot and an epoch of generations has passed and history has forgotten their names they will be left with one reoccurring  thought.   All the money ever printed, minted, earned or stolen, stacked from here to the moon,  will not be enough to buy them one single drop of water in HELL.

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