Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Amnesty Immigration Legislation will end Democracy in America

I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I am an American whose first loyalty lies with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  My responsibility as an American is not to a political party but to the well being of this once great nation.  Those Democrat  currently in power are not in any way interested in helping Latino  Americans become integrated into American society. What the Democrats want is another uneducated, financially impoverished underclass whom they can prey upon and manipulate come election time.

The Democrats want to subvert the democratic process by rushing through congress "Amnesty Immigration Legislation" that will create a new underclass of poor and uneducated Social Welfare recipients. All 11-15 million of whom will be beholden to the Democratic party for all the free government entitlement programs.  This new class of welfare 'kings and queens' will vote democratic for the next 3-4 generations or further.  This will effectively lock out the Republican party from any and all say in the political process.  When I use the term Republican I am actually saying...

Family Oriented
Hard Working
Tax Paying
Law Abiding
Critical Thinking 
Supports the Military
Freedom loving
Church Going


When I say Democrat what I mean is People who want...

 "A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the non-producing members of society who are least likely to sustain themselves, their families, their children or even their grandchildren.  Their internal rot will be mirrored by the decaying buildings, business and neighborhoods which they inhabit....Think Detroit  
 Their blind service to their political Masters come election time will see them rewarded with money, goods, and government services paid for from the confiscated earnings of an ever dwindling pool of hard working American producers."

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