Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Obama Groveling to the Saudi Royal Family

Barack Hussein Obama was guided and funded by a Saudi agent in the United States. This was happening since 1979 and perhaps earlier, since the time Barack Obama lived in Hawaii as a teenager. This agent, Khalid Al Mansour (AKA Donald Warden) was known to the FBI, and was affiliated with the Weather Underground as well, working as a lawyer for the connected group, the Black Panthers. The same Saudi agent was involved in raising money for Barack Obama through his early career, and also was instrumental in getting Obama accepted into the Harvard Law Review - a key step in Obama;'s political rise. The question naturally arises, from these facts, whether Barack Obama is under Saudi control. The answer it seems, was given when Barack Obama traveled to Saudi Arabia, and visited with the Saudi princes who thus funded Obama's rise to power. Obama profoundly bowed before the Saudi princes.
Barack Obama may have been a go-between acting on behalf of the Saudi princes, in their generous funding of the Mujahidden's struggle against the Soviet Empire. This would have accounted for Barack Obama's "mystery years", in which we know only that Obama was not at Columbia as initially claimed, but in which we know he did make an unknown number of trips to Pakistan ('unknown number', because Obama used a non-US passport). In this activity, he would have served the interests of his mentor (later to be his campaign and economic advisor) Zbigniew Brzezinski, as well as those of his director and money raiser, the Saudi agent Khalid Al Mansour.

Thus, Obama evidently had a role in creating the Mujahidden, later to become the Taliban and Al Qaeda. We know that Brzezinski had direct contact with Osama Bin Laden (there is an actual movie of it), and Barack Obama, as Brzezinski's "go-fer", probably had contact with Bin Laden also.

The Saudi princes were eager to get funding to the Mujaheddin through Brzezinski for at least two reasons - first, to get Osama Bin Laden and the Wahabites out of Saudi Arabia, because the Wahabites wanted to bring down the house of Saud (knowing they all would probably die fighting the Soviets)- and second, for the Saudis to protect themselves against Soviet domination of the Persian gulf. So what Barack Obama and Al Mansour did together, all makes sense.

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