Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Michelle Obama visting the Saudi Bominbg Suspect

Michelle Obama didn't BOTHER to visit any of the AMERICAN wounded FIRST. She ran straight to the alleged Master mind behind the Boston Bombing.  You know why? Because he is related to the Royal Family of Saud.  Did you know 11 of the 15 Hijacker on 911 were Saudi.  Did you know that Obama entire college education was paid for by the Saudi government?  Don't you just love Michelle Obama waving at the photographer..."No, no, please don't let these picture get out."  What does the Royal Hose of Saud do? They post the pictures on FACEBOOK!

 A very polite soft spoken reader pointed out... After doing the the bidding of the White House, Michelle Obama made sure to grab a few photo ops with a very limited number of the AMERICAN CITIZENS injured in the Boston bombings.  The same AMERICAN CITIZENS who's taxes pay for her frequent and LAVISHLY expensive vacations. 

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