Friday, April 19, 2013

Gutless Cowards

Here are ID photos of the Boston Boston bombers after they committed their  cowardly act of violence against innocent women and children. They ran with their tail between their legs like rats. 

Below is the 8 year old boy standing on a fence with his whole life ahead of him.  To his right is the COWARD who dropped a bag full of explosives and scurried away like all COWARDS do.

 Here is a woman who was with her young daughter. She was a hair dresser and loved her job. A job that requires her to be on her feet all the time.  She had both her legs amputated in an emergency surgery to save her life.  She will never be able to do her job again.

Here are the innocent faces of the deceased.

 There are so many victims of these COWARDS.  How will the families of all the victims afford the staggering medical costs that will bankrupt most of them?  How will the families of the deceased ever be able to fill the void in their hearts after their loved ones were so violently ripped away. How will the children who's childhood friends were murdered by these COWARDS ever feel safe again?  Who will be there to hold the hands of the bombing victims who have no family?  Who will pay their bills while they spend years learning how to walk and live with missing limbs?  Who will stay up at night with the victims when the excruciating physical  pain is too much to bear? 

These two monster did NOT act on their own.  Make no mistake they had help.  Less then 24 hours later this is the fate of a COWARDLY man who would murder, maim, disfigure, and destroy the lives of countless families.  

Here he is in all his ghastly glory...Run over and drug underneath a car driven by his own brother, who then left him to die all alone.   

COWARDS the both of them, but the bigger COWARDS were the men behind the scenes who orchestrated this nefarious foul deed.   These two men, one a boy and one a man, did not do this alone. they had help.  This drama is far from over...

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