Tuesday, March 05, 2013

‘Freedom’ license plate banned in Washington D.C

 The Land of the FREE and the Home of the BRAVE...


The word “FREEDOM” is among the list of banned vanity license plate slogans for Washington D.C., according to a government file obtained by a Freedom of Information Request filed by the transparency website GovernmentAttic.org.


So, the very foundation that this nation was built upon is now BANNED in the capital of the United States of America. The reason why the word FREEDOM is banned is because it is a word which is contagious. FREEDOM is the most expensive word in the English language. FREEDOM can only be bought with 'blood, Sweat, and many Tears. 

Often by the mothers of slain sons who went forth to secure the FREEDOM this nation is now so callously discarding. FREEDOM is both a Noun and a Verb because it is a thing which can be sought and an action which must by intense desire be accomplished.  FREEDOM is the watchword, the secret handshake of men who have witnessed, experienced, and bleed from Tyranny.  FREEDOM is the life blood of Democracy and both the poison to those who would enslave the world through usury.  

FREEDOM cannot be bought, or sold, or put on a shelve for later use. FREEDOM is a swearword to those foul bankers who lend worthless paper with one hand and steal the gold with the other.  FREEDOM can not and will not be extinguished by EVIL men. 

However, GOOD men by their INACTION, can starve FREEDOM of the singular ingredient needed to flourish.  Action, Verve, Life, Liberty, Peace, Love, all derive their breath and strength from the fertile Soil with which FREEDOM provides to all Life.  FREEDOM, dare I say it again, FREEDOM, once more before the they shut me down....

                                                                                                           Robert D Anding III

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