Sunday, February 17, 2013

USMC Forced to Disarm for bama's 2nd Inaugural Parade


The United States Marines were forced to remove the bolts out of their rifles for bama's 2nd Inaugural Parade. The most dedicated, heroic branch of the United States Military were forced to march in the inaugural parade with no bolts in their riflesThe Executive branch not only wishes to disarm the American public, but now also to publicly SHAME the very soldiers who insure the freedom and safety of this great nation.  The men and women of the United States Marine Corps face danger everyday and are willing to give their lives for the defense of this nation, yet are deemed untrustworthy to march in bama's 2nd Inaugural Parade with unloaded rifles.   The distrust of all that is AMERICAN by the Executive Office seemingly knows no bounds.

The United States Marine Corp's motto is 'Semper Fi' which means always Faithful."

GOD Bless America

GOD Bless the USMC!  

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