Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LAPD Assassinates Chris Dorner

The LAPD Assassinates Chris Dorner by trapping him in a cabin and intentionally setting it on fire.  No negotiations we attempted, no attempts to contact Christ Dorner.  No matter what Christ Dorner has done the LAPD does NOT have the authority or the legal precedence to order the unlawful assassination of American citizens.  What happened today was a clear violation of Chris Dorner's civil rights.  No matter what he did, he deserves his day in court.  If he was guilty then he should be put to death, but we will never know the truth because the LAPD MURDERED Chris Dorner by burning him alive.  An the LAPD wonders why no one trusts them and their reputation as thugs and murders proceed them where ever they go.

Here are 2 separate live LAPD Police scanners in which the LAPD give order to set the BURNERS to the cabin.

 The 1st feed you can clearly heard the LAPD Deputies screaming "Burn that Fucker DOWN---Burn that FUCKER DOWN!"

 2nd Live FEED from LAPD Police Scanner where the order are given "Set the Burners to the Cabin..."

Never Trust the Police!

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