Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Joe Biden is a Liar pretending to be an Idiot

Vice president Joe Biden made a idiotic comment during a Facebook chat on Tuesday, saying he that if he was absent from his home and his wife was home alone and fearful of an intruder HE advised his wife Jill to stand on the deck of their rustic home and fire the family's double-barreled shotgun in the air, should she sense an intruder.
So, what he is saying is for his wife to exit her home, place herself in the open and aimlessly fire up into the air, her ONLY 2 shells, from her only weapon, a double barrel shotgun. After doing so ,Vice president Joe Biden purports that the intruder will flea then scene in absolute terror.

Here's a crazy question?  What if there is more then one intruder? What if the intruder isn't scared to death by a lone woman who just emptied both of her only shell uselessly up into the air.   What is his wife to do after she has fired her only 2 shells into the air and the intruder keeps coming?   What is she supposed to do if they begin to fire upon her.  What if there is multiple intruders? What is his wife to do then? Throw the shotgun at the intruders?  Then What? 

Vice president Joe Biden Goes on to say that woman can't possible be able to handle an AR-15.  that the AR-15 is an unreliable gun and not very accurate.  Vice president Joe Biden also adds that the AR-15 is too complicated for women to handle.

Vice president Joe Biden is a lying politician pretending to be an idiot. 

If the AR-15 is so inaccurate and complicated then why does the entire armed forces of the United States Military carry AR-15s?  IF the AR-15 is too complicated for women then why is the thousands and thousands of women in the US armed forces daily carry and shoot the AR-15?   IF double barrel shotguns are better then the AR-15 then why is it the Department of Homeland security buying up thousands and thousands of AR-15 with almost 2 BILLION rounds of Ammo?

The real truth of the matter is the family of Vice president Joe Biden is protected by a Full detail of Secret Service Agents armed with fully automatic machine guns.  So there is ZERO likelihood that his wife would EVER have to fend off an intruder by herself.

You see there is a double standard when it comes to the ruling ELITE in Washington versus the rest of America.  

The ELITE in WASHINGTON have fully automatic machine guns and Squads of Secret Service and heavily armed Federal Agents to protect them.  BUT for the rest of AMERICA the ruling ELITE in WASHINGTON want us to rely on 120yr old double barrel shotguns to protect ourselves and our family.


I can assure you Vice president Joe Biden's Secret Service detail are not carrying around 100yr old double barrel shotguns to protect him.  No, the Secret Service protecting the White House are ALL carrying handguns and fully automatic AR-15's with a 100rds of hollow point ammo per Agent.

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