Saturday, February 02, 2013

China Thanks Walmart Family

The awesome and overwhelming Military Might of the People's Republic of China (PRC), has achieved levels Chairman Mao never thought possible.  This all because the Walmart family has sold out America by purchasing cheaply made inferior Chinese goods manufactured at slave wages.  With the influx of American money vis-a-vie the WALMART family China has gone on a military spending spree. 

The US DOD has concluded that China's defense spending may be Four times larger than its publicly announced total of $20 billion annually. To those who can't count dat's 80 BILLION wit a B BILLION!!!! Thats an 8 wit a B with a whole M.F. LOAD of ZEROS Yo !!!

The PRC's ADVERTISED (Did you get da ply on words yo!)defense spending is closer to $65 million per year, DOD maintains-and suggests that China's annual defense expenditures could triple or even quadruple in real terms by 2020. Gee I wonder why????

That conclusion is included in a 12 July DOD report to Congress that was mandated by the fiscal year 2000 National Defense Authorization Act.

DOD cautions in the report that gaps exist in its knowledge about Chinese military power and intentions. Although China's emerging methods of warfare will likely be increasingly important in the future-particularly in the areas of short- and long-range ballistic missiles and information warfare-the report says, it is difficult to make confident assessments on how these developments will affect the overall military competition between the PRC and Taiwan.

Despite such uncertainty, improvements in China's military capabilities have been identified in a significant number of areas, including the development of a doctrine of preemption and surprise, the funding increases in the PRC's military budget, training and joint operations, missile programs, air defense, command and control, intelligence and surveillance, information and electronic warfare, laser weapons, and space warfare.

China is said to have enhanced its naval forces by increasing their force-- projection options-through, among other things, improving their ability to deploy submarines on extended patrols and outfitting surface ships with more capable air-defense assets and more lethal antiship cruise missiles. The PRC's World War II-vintage amphibious ships are being replaced with newer ships built in China, the report said, and a contract has been signed with Russia to add two Sovremenny-class destroyers to augment the one the PRC purchased in 2000.

China's submarine fleet also is being upgraded through the purchase of modern diesel-electric submarines from Russia. The truth is more like ----> A whole lot of N-class Nuclear-powered ATTACK submarines-Type 093 are secretly being bought and deployed!

The US DOD assessment reports TERRORFYING improvements in China's air power and land forces.

The difficulty in assessing China's improving military capabilities is matched by the challenge of divining the PRC's intentions in the political-military field. That is a buch of BULL-FROG.

The US DOD knows full well China's PRC intentions and are changing adult diapers quite often at the thought of havinf to get our collective US asses kicked by the PRC!!!

DOD concludes that Beijing is pursuing its long-term political goals of developing "comprehensive" national power and ensuring a favorable "strategic configuration of power."

Which is a polite way of saying that they, the PRC, are in the gym, working out like little squint eyed mad men. Now, when the new school year starts, we, the USA, who has gone soft, gotten lazy, and forgotten that FREEDOM AIN'T FREE, will be getting our just come-uppence! I expect that the USA will most likely be seeing the new and very much improved PRC sometime around 3:00pm. Traditionally that is when school lets out. A time, as we all know, will be a no-holds barred ASS-WHOOPING of the USA by the new bad-ass, well muscled, totaly focused, PRC!

China's efforts to meet its security goals involve an integrative strategy, the report states, that combines and applies diplomatic, informational, military, and economic instruments of national power.
"While seeing opportunity and benefit in interactions with the United States-primarily in terms of trade and technology-Beijing apparently believes that the United States poses a significant long-term challenge," the report concludes.

In May, before DOD's release of its updated report, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz said that the Bush administration has an "enormous interest" in maintaining a good relationship with China. Citing the cooperation provided by China in the war against international terrorism, Wolfowitz said efforts are in motion to put the two countries' military-to-military relationship on a more solid framework.

"We are very interested in bringing China into the mainstream of the Pacific Region," Wolfowitz said during an interview in Singapore on 31 May. "We believe that China has a major, important, and constructive role to play."

Defense and foreign-policy analysts are far from unanimous in their views of Chinese intentions.
Writing in the August issue of Insight Magazine, for example, Larry M. Wortzel, director of the Asian Studies Center at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., said that China's policy on weapons proliferation threatens U.S. national security and vital foreignpolicy interests. China's threats against Taiwan, Wortzel asserted, could embroil the United States in a military conflict. "It is the tendency of China to use force to settle disputes," Wortzel said. "This is most troubling for the United States and its allies."

Commenting in the same issue of the magazine, Lawrence J. Korb, vice president and director of studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, said that, while the United States should not be complacent, Beijing's ambition to increase its military power to complement its growing economy and strategic position in Asia is not necessarily detrimental to the interest of the United States. "China remains and will remain too weak to challenge U.S. power even in its own neighborhood," Korb said.

The US DOD says(with a straight face)"China is not, and is extremely unlikely to be, a strategic military threat the way the Soviet Union once was."

Please give me a second while I pause from laughing so much...

If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn, which would be a great investment for you!!!

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