Tuesday, February 12, 2013

American Patriots Act

In America the citizens of the United States speak with their wallets.  Since the inception of the Socialist Kenyan in the White House; Americans have spoken far and wide with their legal 2nd Ammendment right to keep and bear Arms by purchasing almost 66,000,000 firearms.

To be exact and to the letter there have been 65,376,373 requests for Federal background checks completed since February of 2009, the first full month of bama's occupation of the White House.
According to data compiled by the FBI( Data that was NEVER to be kept for more then 3oday) the number of  FREEDOM loving, Bill of Rights supporting, 2nd Amendment believing, Americans buying Firearms has EXPLODED since bama slipped into his present position.

In 2009 Federal background checks for Law abiding, tax paying, American Patriots totaled 13,984,953

In  2010 Federal background checks totaled 14,320,489. 

 In 2011 Federal background checks totaled 16,336,732

 In 2012 Federal background checks totaled 19,463,832.  

Federal background checks for the month of January 2013 were 2,483,230. 

That boils down to 44,748 Federal background checks per day!

 Keep in mind that  65,376,373 Federal background checks are 1 single check, however the applicant can be purchasing multiple Firearms. 
So, that number of nearly 66,000,000 is more likely to represent over 100,000,000 actual Firearms being purchased, stored, and readied for any and all Family defense needs. 

GOD Bless America 

GOD Bless the 2nd Amendment!  

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