Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Destruction of Truth and Honest Men

How the government, "Powers That Be", and the hidden men who rule the world destroy ANY individual who opposes their sinister plans for world enslavement. 

The Destruction of an Honest Man is not difficult.  In fact it is rather easy to ruin a man.  It is done time and again without the least effort on the part of the perpetrators.  There are more than a million brethren joined to the secret society which rules over modern day America 

There is a group of wealthy, secretly connected, influential people who if for instance, deem someone a threat to them or their business practices domestically or globally world would not hesitate to financially, personally, or socially eviscerate anyone who gets in their way of their political interests or finical gain. Very often, other, lesser, secret societies such as Masonry are used as foot soldiers in this corrupt practice. Th
Masons have a vast network of over 1 million members who are greatly disposed to serving the brotherhood in any way possible.  Masonry is a border less social network rivaling the MI-6 or CIA. Virtually, any information on anybody in any country can be obtained vis-a-vie the masonic brotherhood.  These contacts include, but are not limited too, police, judges, lawyers, bank managers, US post-office staff, doctors, nurses, government employees, CEO's of multinational firms, Union workers, etc.  A highly detailed, dosser filled with extreme personal information can be obtained at near lighting speed.    Many, too many to count, have fallen a victim to the corrupt powers behind Freemasonry.  

Often, just the threat of the possible use of the vast jaws of Masonry is enough to cause most men to forgo doing the right thing.  Better to get along and go along then to end up the next days headlines, trapped in some fabricated scandal.  Those who do not heed the subtle and discreet warnings of "The Powers That Be" (TPTB)often find themselves embroiled in endless litigation against a soulless bureaucracy with unlimited finances. It is not difficult to ruin a man, it is done time and again.

There is no one alive who wants their entire life laid bare in public.  Everyone has  areas of vulnerability which, if held under the right light can seem lascivious or salacious.  For example, in this day and age of an economic recession, many people are having financial difficulties.  Then, there are men and women who have social vices, such as,  a married man or woman stepping out on their spouse.  A criminal offense one wishes to keep in their distant past is another reason not to fight TPTB.    
The true powers behind Mason's are the unnamed members of the global banking families who often boasts that Freemasons are nothing more then pawns, expendable tools in their plans for world enslavement. If you want to know the true power behind the EVIL which runs this world you have to look no further then those who own the Media, Federal Reserve, the major military contractors, global manufacturers, global oil companies, etc.  It is these Uber-rich, totally untouchable, unreachable, all powerful families who  generation to generation for the last 300 years who are "The Powers That Be" (TPTB).   Naming names is not really important, the names change from generation to generation, but the policy of total world enslavement is firmly entrenched in their plans for a One World Government where 'THEY' are the government and we the people are their slaves to do with as they please. 
 There is only one way to stop these people and their plans for world domination
 That is full Faith and total trust in JESUS CHRIST 
Only JESUS CHRIST has the power to stop these evil nefarious people from completing their dis-topian world nightmare. 
Only JESUS CHRIST  can protect you from their pharmaceutical straight jacket which TPTB are beginning to use on an unsuspecting public.
Only JESUS CHRIST can protect you from the electromagnetic weapons being aimed at the minds of those who oppose the NWO. (The New World Order)
Only JESUS CHRIST can protect you when the corrupt judges, police, lawyers set their sights on entrapping you.
Only JESUS CHRIST can protect you when they show up at your door at 3am, to quietly, and under cover of darkness, take you away to an unknown destination.
Only JESUS CHRIST  can protect you and your family when TPTB wipe out your finances. 

Only JESUS CHRIST can be depended on when your family and friends turn on you because they don't want to sharing your punishment by TPTB.
Only JESUS CHRIST  can protect you when TPTB falsely accuses you.
Only JESUS CHRIST  has the power to overcome the entrenched world systems controlled by EVIL men.
JESUS CHRIST came to set the captives free, to destroy the works of evil.   

There is no gun, no bomb, no war machine, no weapon forged by man or machine which can overcome the power of JESUS CHRIST.   Nothing in the Universe can withstand the AWESOME power of JESUS CHRIST.  With that in mind when faced with overwhelming odds, when inundated by a tidal wave of pure evil, know that JESUS CHRIST is the answer, the ONLY answer. 
No name given under Heaven and Earth has the power to stop evil cold except for JESUS CHRIST.   
Call upon JESUS CHRIST to be your Savior Now, while there is still time.  
JESUS CHRIST please be my Savior, deliver me from Evil, wash away my sins.  Make me new again, washed in the blood of the Lamb, that I might have victory over all evil.   


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