Saturday, January 26, 2013

Roe V Wade 1-22-1973

1-22-2013, will be the full 40 year anniversary of Roe versus Wade on 1-22-1973.

In the decades since, at least 50 million unborn children have been MURDERED by ABORTION in the U.S.A.

The total number of MURDERS committed against defenseless unborn babies worldwide has been in the hundreds of millions.

That a 1 with 8 ZEROS behind it....100,000,000 

added to

another 1 with 8 ZEROS behind it...100,000,000

added to

another 1 with 8 ZEROS behind it...100,000,000

added too

another 1 with 8 ZEROS behind it 1000,000,000

Plus or minus 50 or 60 million

Give or take a few meaningless, worthless, dead babies 
Did you know that it is illegal to sell aborted fetuses in America for profit?


Murdered unborn babies internal organs and body parts are harvested by "retrieval experts" shortly after abortions, for use in research laboratories. Tissue kits of a miniscule amount of tissue, a tiny portion of a gram, are expensive, VERY expensive!  Much more so are the amounts charged for entire fetal parts or internal organs, like hearts, lungs, eyes, ears, and stomachs. This horrific abomination of EPIC proportions is called boosting the bottom line$   The flesh and blood of murdered unborn children have made impressive profits for many medical research companies and Abortion on demand Doctors.

Fetal remains which have no  profit margin have been burned in incinerators, deposited into dumpsters, and buried in landfills globally for the past 40 years. Many have of these murdered unborn children partial remains have been thrown away like garbage with no dignity or respect.

Make no mistake when the first murder happened and Cain killed Able, his blood cried out from the Earth and Almighty GOD answered Abel's cry.   What will happen when Almighty, All Powerful, All knowing, Omnipotent GOD answers the cry of hundreds of millions of MURDERED Unborn babies created in HIS image?

Repent, Repent, Repent!!!

Repent now while there is still time!

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