Friday, January 18, 2013

America the 4th Reich

After WW2 certain members of the United States government saw to it that Nazi scientists who had committed horrific crimes against humanity were allowed to secretly immigrate to America.  In return for giving the United States military intelligence and technological secrets of the 3rd Reich these Nazi scientists were given clean slates and allowed to live in peace with no worry for their previous crimes.  While this, proverbial deal with the devil gave fruit to many new wonder weapons for the United States it also allowed the vile filth of Fascism and human degradation to infect this once Christian nation.  . 

This virulent strain of Fascism can be seen in the current Executive branch's stated policy of overthrowing the United States Constitution.  In order for this to happen their have been many steps taken behind closed doors.  These baby steps are political polices spoon fed to the public by media corporations which are private entities controlled by the wealthy elite who would see America turned into a quazi-socialists Feudal state subservient to a one world government.     
To do this they have portrayed all facets of American life in the most destructive possible way.  This is designed to destabilize society and remove any moral underpinnings which might in any way give strength or courage to those who would oppose their nefarious plans.  Their policies are backed with free federal money, giving the illusion to the poor and oppressed that their slave masters are actually caring and  benevolent.  In truth, the tiny pittance of Federal monies received by the poor only help to further enslave them and degrade any hope of them breaking free to a better life.  This illusion of well being is like a virus which further saps the will and minds of the poor underclass.

TPTB are quietly enslaving the poor and oppressed middle class of America. Just like a frog in hot water, if the heat is turned up slowly the frog does not flee to safety, but sits unaware till it is too late.  So, too has the American public been lulled into a soft and deadly stupor, all the while their Slave master's plotting a distopian future filled with orwellian bureaucrats and soulless machines.    
The Community organizer they have paid the poor to elect  is an expert at divisiveness, hyperbole, and demagoguery.  He is highly astute at using his heritage to his advantage So, too are his handlers who write and block his every move. His tactics to bring down America from within are such...

1. The creation of racism offenses to block legitimate criticism.

2. Continual confusion and hyperbole to deflect truth

3. The teaching of homosexuality as normal to children

4. The undermining of all authority except his and that of his handlers 

5. Huge immigration influx to destroy the identity of American society 

6. The promotion of excessive emotion and rash unthinking legislation 

7. Emptying of churches and the Deification of amoral behavior  

8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime

9. Total dependency on the state or state benefits

10. Total control of media and media outlets 

11. The complete breakdown of the family
12. To convince the people that all rights come from the government
13. To demonize any and all who would disagree or oppose his will
14. To divide the nation and it's people, in every discussion and in every way
15. To obey his Father's wishes by destroying the Colonizing Western Powers
There are several 3 types of revolution political, military, and cultural. The cultural revolution demolishes from within. 'Modern forms of OVERTHROW are marked by mildness'. Those, that would see a Free America fall to the strictures of Fascism have clearly focused on the destruction of the family vis a vi social engineering in education the media, and popular culture.   Karl Marx despised the 'authoritarian personality' because it was a product of a strong patriarchal family.  Faced head on with intelligent, well raised, strongly rooted men Marx would have failed in the Russian genocide known as modern day Communism.  With that in mind Marx went about destroying the family because he knew it was the basic unit of strength that held society together.     
Today we see the same thing happening in America.  Abortion on demand, flagrant homosexuality, pornography on demand to children.  We see an Executive branch making an end run around the Bill of Rights by purporting that all rights derive from the government.  We also see the Executive branch willing to federally fund abortion irregardless of the people's will.  The Hobby Lobby a Christian privately owned for profit business is being told by the current Administration that they are NOT allowed to have a conscious.  They are not allowed their 1st amendment rights because the Executive branch will not allow them the right.   

Libertas, ad Libertatem, et iustitiae pro omnibus

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