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I am an American

Article written by Christopher R. Eiden

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I have been called a lot of things, a racist because I don’t like Obama, a sexist because I don’t want to pay for someone else’s birth control, a murderer because I hunt and eat meat, and the list goes on. Usually I can just brush it off and ignore it, but this time you have gone too far. Who do you think you are saying I support the murder of children simply because I believe in our right to own firearms? Especially, since you are the ones using their deaths to further your political beliefs or agendas. It is because of our children I believe in the right to bear arms and it is because of you I write this.

You continue to ask “Why do we need guns in our society?” First, to all the pro-gun advocates, please stop saying “because it’s our right”, yes it is our right, but that makes no sense to anti-gun advocates and it is the exact thing they would like to change. That being said, guns have been a part of life since the day I was born. My father was a huge gun enthusiast and had owned a lot of guns when he was alive. When he decided I was old enough to learn to shoot and hunt he started by teaching me the 2nd Amendment the importance of it and the meaning behind it.
People, this is the 2nd Amendment, number 2 on the list, which should show how important it was to our founding fathers that the average citizen be able to arm and defend themselves. “Why?” you ask, because when they fought for our independence, there was no U.S military at that time. It was the average citizens that picked up their guns to fight for their freedom from a tyrannical government and the founding fathers wanted to ensure that we would always be able to the do same, if necessary.

Yes we have a military now, the best military in the world, a military made of the best and bravest men & women this country has to offer. However, it is a military controlled by the government and though I believe that most of our soldiers would never pick up a weapon against their fellow American to take away their rights or oppress them, it is the government that controls the military’s weapons, ammunition, and technology. And as history has shown there will always be people who blindly follow and do what the government tells them to. I am not saying the government will turn on us, but if the government or a foreign invader ever attempted to oppress our freedoms the founding fathers have given us this right to ensure that we have the ability to fight back and defend our freedom.
To those who ask why we need “Assault Weapons” the answer is simple, because that is what they have. Drug addicts, drug dealers, thieves, murderers, gangs, cartels, terrorists, those who wish to do us harm, all have access to assault weapons. And they have shown they will use them.

To those who say “Well, ban assault weapons!” ASSAULT WEAPON BANS DO NOT WORK! All they do is create another source of income for criminals. From 1994 to 2004 we had a ban on assault weapons; Jonesboro AR., Springfield OR., Littleton CO. and Santee CA., to name a few, all had mass school shootings during the ban. And the facts show that gun control does not work. Chicago, Washington DC, and California, all famous for their gun control laws, and all famous for their murder and gang violence. New York City recently celebrated going 24 hours without a reported murder. Really? That is a good thing? What does that tell you about a city with strict gun laws when it celebrates the fact that they actually made it 24 hours without a reported murder.

And for God’s sake, get rid of these “Gun-Free” zones. All they have done is paint a target on the backs of the people in them. It is reported that the Aurora (CO) murderer went to 2 other theaters prior to the one he shot up. Why did he choose the Theater he did? There were “No Firearms Permitted” signs posted at that theater and not at the other two. The Fort Hood murderer went to the one place on the military base that was a “Gun Free Zone”. The intention behind a “Gun Free” zone is a good thought, but in reality they just invite these shootings.
To those, who ask “Why do these things happen?” The truth is, nobody knows, and honestly nobody ever will. You can blame mental illness, video games, music, TV, guns, religion (or lack thereof) or whatever you want to blame, but the fact is we will never know why. Profilers have been trying to figure out why serial killers kill for years. But still do not know what will happen to create the next one or how to prevent them from killing. The most we can do is look at why that person killed.

This brings me to those who ask “How do we stop this?” The truth is we can’t. There is no way to predict how, when, where, and why somebody will commit a heinous act like the one in Connecticut. All we can do is study it to find out what we can do to improve our children’s safety. My personal opinion and best idea I have heard is trained police officers in our schools. Sandy Hook Elementary seemed to have exemplary security procedures in place. And yet the murderer was still able to force his way into the school and murder 26 people. Armed, trained police officers will serve as a deterrent to some, and for those who are insane enough to try to shoot up our schools, at least there will be someone there with the ability to stop them or at least hold them off longs enough for back to up to arrive.

I could continue to list the reasons why we need and have firearms in this country. In fact, my draft was 12 pages longs! But I decided to leave you with this.

We gun owners are the last line of defense. There are approximately 300 million guns preventing this country from falling into complete chaos, as well as contributing to keeping you safe from others that wish to do you harm. Don’t think it could happen? Turn on the news and see all the people who want to destroy us and our country. Isoroku Yamamoto, an Admiral in the Japanese Navy during WWII was rumored to have said “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Imagine what could happen if that statement wasn’t true.

If you disagree, then please comment or just continue to ignore these facts. But don’t you ever say that I support the murder of children because I support the right to bear arms. It is because of the children that I have and always will stand up for the 2nd Amendment.

The 2nd Amendment is NON-NEGOTIABLE

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