Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gun Control is Slavery

More Draconian Gun laws NEVER has, and NEVER will, control violence perpetrated by those who are bent on using violence as a means to an end.  All that Stricter Gun laws will do is disarm law-abiding citizens, while the Government, and criminals, intent on violence against innocent citizens, will find firearms readily available.

The TRUTH of the 2nd Amendment is that it is for the defense of the people of the United States from enemies foreign and domestic.  The 'Right to Bear Arms' is not tied to the murder rate, its not depended on what criminals or terrorists might do with them.  The 2nd Amendment is there to protect law abiding citizens who otherwise would be prey for those who would never give up their weapons, laws or no laws.

More Laws are not the answer!  Liberal knee jerk government policy favors the criminals and the Tyrants NOT the People.  Passing more Draconian gun laws will NOT stop those who are intent on doing evil.  NEVER has and it NEVER will.  The Only thing Liberal politics does is further tighten the noose of oppression around the neck of law abiding citizens.

There is study after study, fact after fact which shows convincingly that stripping the Civil right to bear arms only leads to a more belligerent, invasive, totalitarian government.    Gun ownership is 300 percent higher in Switzerland as in Germany, but the Swiss have had lower murder rates. Other countries with high rates of gun ownership and low murder rates include Israel, New Zealand, and Finland.
 Brittan has a much higher rate of violence involving firearms since it outlawed them. Guns are not the problem, it is EVIL people bent on death and destruction that are the problem

The Liberal politicians will never read an article like this, they will sit behind their ivory towers protected by their private ARMED security and tell the rest of the world that it is WE THE PEOPLE who must give up our right to protect ourselves.  The Police are not there to protect the law abiding citizens. The Police are only there to write the report in the aftermath of the violent crime suffered by the innocent.

There are many, TOO MANY, 911 phone calls where you hear the screaming of an an unarmed citizen begging for their life as they are being brutally assaulted while they wait for the police to show up.  The same 911 call by an armed citizen the only thing you hear is the loud thud as the criminal assailant hits the ground dead and the armed citizen calmly waiting for the police to show up.

Which would you rather be?

Which would you rather you wife, daughter, young children be?

Ben Franklin said it Best...


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