Friday, November 16, 2012

Can States Secede rom the Union?

Can Texas or any other State Secede from the Union in today's world? 

Judge Napolitano says yes!!! 

So many people have asked me this question recently.  The real answer is no matter how many citizens sign a petition declaring their intent to succeed from the Union it means nothing.  Unless the Governor and State Legislators stand united and pass a binding resolution declaring the State's intention to succeed from the body of the Federal Government it is just an exercise in futility.  One would also have to consider the fact that the Federal government might label this as a treasonous act, which is punishable by death.

 I, personally, think before you saw ANY state Government moving towards such a momentous decision the Federal government would retched down the finical pressure in the form of cutting off all federal aid, federal monies, calling in all Federal taxes and loans.   Add to that the personal attacks on the State legislators and sudden rash of airplanes dropping out of the sky, cars driving themselves mysteriously off the roads, people slipping in the shower, etc. When enough state legislators are riding the pine bench their fellow constituents would come around to the thinking of the Federal government. 

 TPTB are currently in the process of bankrupting this once great country.  When, TPTB are ready to deal the coup de grâce  do it won't be this silly meaningless idea of States succeeding from the Union. 

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