Wednesday, October 31, 2012

United States Budget Nightmare

It has now become IMPOSSIBLE for the United States Congress to balance the Federal Budget.  We the people of this once great country are on a sinking ship.  The weak, spineless leaders of this country are passing the ever burgeoning Federal budget from one failed political campaign to the next.  Every one in Washington knows that the 16 TRILLION dollar, and climbing, debt has become the greatest threat to national security.  
No terrorists organization, no foreign nation state, no Kenyan politician is any where near a threat to the sovereignty of the United States of America as is the multiple TRILLIONS that must be borrowed from somewhere, from somebody each and every year.   
The fact that the United States Congress is allowed to put forth an unbalanced US Federal Budget, year after year, is tantamount to malfeasance in office.  
There is no greater threat then to the safety and well-being of the American people then when the United States Congress is allowed to continue to add to the US Federal deficit 2-4 TRILLION each and every year the Federal budget goes unbalanced.  The United States Federal budget has become the world's problem, because it is the nation states of the world who are paying for the US spending deficit every year.   The only thing underwriting the US Federal budget is the United States military.  What happens when the nations of the world, CHINA, RUSSIA, JAPAN, SAUDI ARABIA, UAE, and on and on, no longer are willing to buy soon to be worthless US Treasury certificates?  

Already we are seeing the FEDERAL RESERVE, private European banks, secretly buying US Treasuries, giving the illusion for demand of US Treasuries.  

There is something that is not being talked about and that is the fact that TPTB are aware that these debts are not going to have to be repaid. TPTB have knowledge of an impending event which will wipe the debt slate clean. 

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