Monday, October 08, 2012

Riots Near You

Last week, when hundreds of thousands of people in Madrid, Barcelona Spain took the the streets to protest the austerity cuts made by the Spanish government.  The protestors called for the resignation of all parliamentary representatives.  Their voices could be heard throughout Spain when they demanded the immediate  formation of a new government.

Spain's unemployment rate has skyrocketed exceeding 50% for those under 40 years of age.  To make matter worse the National government of Spain is handing out BILLIONS to large financial institutions in the broader Euro Zone.  The protestors streamed into the streets, an ocean of change, roaring with the peoples voice.  Young and old alike surrounded the Spain's parliament building making sure that their voices would be heard. No longer willing to be silent the people of Spain confronted their government head on.

The corrupt government responded by indiscriminately firing upon women and children, old and young.  Spain's riot police were brutal savages assaulting  boys, women, young, old, it mattered not to the police who serve not the people bu the globalist bankers, the arm of the global elite.

Soon, these riots will soon be making their way across the Atlantic ocean to the shores of America.

Be sure that police or military personnel will NOT take the side of the American people.  The current American government considers those attending any anti-government rallies, whether they be Occupy or Tea Party protests, to be activities related to domestic terrorism. No longer is freedom of speech an honorable thing.

 Now, we live in a country with a government that says things like...
 'See something, Say Something."
<----------Here is their god

The American government is actively preparing for this contingency, having introduced laws through  executive orders which are specifically designed to stifle free speech in public areas, detain indefinitely and reeducate those who act against the national interests of the United States, and eliminate permanently those who cannot be pacified.Government plans for mass casualty events are being enacted as we speak. 

I ask AGAIN...

"When did the American people become the enemy of the American government?"

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