Thursday, October 11, 2012

Global Super-Banks Rule the World

The Swiss Federal Institute (SFI) in Zurich released a study entitled

 “The Network of Global Corporate Control” 

Which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that a very small consortium of global banks now rule the world. 147 corporations which form the new ruling elite have complete control almost one half of the world’s total wealth.  These mega-banks are at the axis on which spins the global economy. The banks with the most influence and power are:

• Barclays
• Goldman Sachs
• JPMorgan Chase & Co
• Vanguard Group
• Deutsche Bank
• Bank of New York Melon Corp
• Morgan Stanley
• Bank of America Corp
• Société Générale

These global Super-banks are interconnected to all  the other companies networked through out the planet and their professional decisions affect all markets.  The very Super-banks which caused the 2008 finical meltdown are now forcing the countries of the EuroZone into borrowing more sovereign debt, thus weakening the finical underpinnings of the European Union as a whole. Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase have actually increased their net worth while E.U. treasuries and bonds are plummeting.

This sovereign land-grab by the Rothschild controlled Super-banks across Europe is noted in a recent Goldman Sachs report: “The more the Spanish administration indulges domestic political interests … the more explicit conditionality is likely to be demanded.” Translation: The Rothschild Super-Banks are acquiring total political and economic control of each country in the Euro Zone. The vise-grip with which the E.U. is placing itself will not be so easily to wiggle free.   The European Central Bankers agreed to give any nation in the Euro-Zone a bailout if they agreed to hand over the country to them under the guise of “new rules and conditions when applying for assistance.

The real punch line to all of this is that the central banks are placing the entire E.U. in economic slavery with fiat currency. Worthless paper which they can print as much as they like at will.  The joke is on the E.U. because that worthless paper has no precious metals backing it.  The only reason fiat currency is worth anything is because people have faith in it. Remove that and it's all worthless.  Think U.S. Confederate Currency it's money, it's paper, but it has NOTHING to back it up.  Just like the fiat currency for which the E.U. is selling it's children's and grand children's birthright's.

What happens when the faith runs out and no one will except Fiat currency any longer?


Will have the same value as these Confederate notes... Worthless


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