Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gabriel's Trumpet is 7 Years Old!

If I was asked to say one single thing about America I would say this...

Happy Birthday Gabriel's Trumpet!!!

Today on 7/21/2005 This Website was created to declare the Truth.   All this hard work has been done without earning or seeking to earn a single penny.  My only desire is to inform those, willing to listen, the hidden things which the Main-stream-Media (MSM) refuses to acknowledge.   I am a Born Again Christian who professes JESUS CHRIST as Lord and Savior.  I know that this country was founded by Christian men who believed that the bedrock of the United States was it's freedom to worship Almighty GOD without hindrance from government.  I love the United States of America with all my heart.  America the Beautiful is a Christian nation which is the best country, government, and system of laws in the world today or yesterday.  Though, I am time to time critical of governmental policies, politicians, and unjust and or unfair laws I still hold in the highest regard  this great nation

"GOD Bless America and all those who live, work, and strive to make this country great each and everyday!"  Furthermore, it is not our bombs, bullets, or guns which make America great, but it's diversity of cultures, ideas, and beliefs, handed down from one generation of immigrants to the next.  It is MY dream and hope that by speaking the truth and holding those in power to their oath's of office that this nation, by the Divine Mercy of Almighty GOD, will remain prosperous and free.


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