Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Obama Seizes Total Control of All forms of Mass Communications

 President Obama has quietly and underhandedly seized total control of all means of mass communication within the United States.

With Under executive order (EO) , Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions, Obama has empowered the executive branch to seize TOTAL control of all mass communications.  The President has listed every impetus imaginable to justify the illegal over throw of the 1st Amendment.

The vague anamorphic wording in the  executive order (EO) states“ The EO: Allows the "Executive Office (EO) to determine ANY and ALL possible circumstances where the Executive Office (EO) deems a national threat  to immediately seize total control of all MASS Communication outlets to ensure national security." 

So, now in the event of an a pre-planned, false flag “emergency” the Secretary of Commerce will takeover all radio frequencies as well as television and digital communications and most importantly the INTERNET with the use of electromagnetics.

NOW, ALL communicative abilities electronic and otherwise  are PROPERTY of and belonging to and operated by the Federal Government for the duration of any and all declared crisis or emergency by the Executive Office.”
This video shows us the road Ahead

So, the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution  was just hacked off the Bill of Rights by a late Friday night silent signing of yet another Executive Order leading Americans into slavery.  

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