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GEOENGINEERING using Sulfur injection in the Atmosphere

This is HOW TPTB have chosen to increase sulfur compounds in the atmosphere to a sufficient enough level to alter the rate of climate change . . . 

Covertly, Secretly, cheaply, illegally, and without any care of even the smallest risk of discovery!

Intentional Covert Atmospheric Aerosol Injection Program (ICAAIP),

1) Geoengineering using sulfur compounds injected into the stratosphere to alter the rate of global climate change

2) Access the technical capabilities at my disposal, review the history, scientific knowledge, locate the experts, retain those experts needed and identify any potential individuals or organizations that could blow the whistle on my activities and strategize ways to marginalize and/or neutralize them . . .

3) Leverage any pre-existing practices to accomplish my purposes without risk . . . Such as . . . encourage the use of high sulfur jet fuels or at least keep the maximum allowable concentration of sulfur (3,000 ppm) as high as possible as long as possible . . .

4) Access the security risks and develop the policies and measures that would be necessary

5) Project the infrastructure, budget, timeline, probabilities of success versus risks of discovery, identify all legal and criminal liabilities

6) Do computer simulations and experimental prototyping

7) Procure infrastructure for implementation, buy land and necessary facilities, contract supplies, aircraft, personnel, and all other needs prior to deployment, develop cover stories for all activities and minimize information to "need to know, only"

8) Develop and test the capability in small test runs

9) Rehearse methods of concealment and strategies to respond if discovered  . . Develop .contingencies to evade discovery, misdirection,  etc.

10) Implement small scale operation and evaluate outcome

11) Secretly begin full scale operations

12)  Monitor procedures, process, impact and maintain security . . .

13) Deny everything. Keep uneducated public in dark. Violently and swiftly neutralize any threat to operations, periodically measure outcome

14) Get as much consensus as possible from the scientific community.

 FACT---The most cost effective and quickest way to alter the rate of global climate change is  to increase the amount of sulfur compounds and particulates into the stratosphere or at least as high in the atmosphere as possible.

Begin--- Secretly employ one or more refineries or natural gas producers to procure about 1,000,000 to 1.25 Million Metric tons of selected sulfur compounds.
Canada would be a perfect source, because they have an affluent source.

Next---contract an air operations firm to retrofit and fly a few  aircraft at about $1.25 Billion 2008 dollars per year.  The required amount of sulfur aerosol can be delivered easily by dedicated flights by only using nine (9) KC 10 Extenders or equivalent aircraft, each flying three (3) flights a day, 250 days per year. Maintaining 27 flights per day minimum.

Here is the Proof***

NOAA study: Surprise Increase in particles high in Earth’s atmosphere has offset some recent climate warming

July 21, 2011

A recent increase in the unexplained abundance of sulfur compound particles high in the atmosphere has offset about a third of the current climate warming influence of carbon dioxide (CO2) change during the past decade, according to a new study led by NOAA and published today in the online edition of Science

“Stratospheric aerosol increased surprisingly rapidly in that time, almost doubling during the decade,” Daniel said. “The unexplained increase in aerosols since 2000 implies a cooling effect of about 0.1 watts per square meter – enough to offset some of the 0.28 watts per square meter warming effect from the carbon dioxide increase during that same period.”

Sources of aerosols reach the stratosphere from above and below as shown in the graph. Sulfur dioxide (SO2), carbonyl sulfide (OCS), and dimethyl sulfide(DMS) are the dominant surface emissions which contribute to aerosol formation.
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NOTE: There is no evidence the sulfur compounds are all from surface emissions . . .

WHY? Because they were measured in or near the stratosphere!

The stratosphere, miles above Earth’s surface, small, airborne particles reflect sunlight back into space, which leads to a cooling influence at the ground. These particles are also called “aerosols," The unexpected appearance  behind their increase remain the subject of ongoing research by baffled researchers.


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