Wednesday, June 27, 2012

USA State and Local Police gearing up for Civil unrest

Local and State police departments in the United States are collecting military-grade weapons and armored persoanl carriers and even tanks! These arsenals being handed over in the name of Homeland Security via the Department of Defense Excess Property Program. Which is a program beefing up the police departments across the US mainland.  

What exactly does a  small town police force over seeing less then a thousand citizens need with heavily armored amphibious eight-wheeled tanks.  When is it going to be necessary for a 20 man Police department to need 3 armored bulldozers with infrared night vision?

How about a heavily armored tank, the LAV 300, equipped with thermal sensors, computerized tracking devices, night vision, tear-gas launchers and a mini cannon for a police department over seeing 800 citizens with only a Sheriff and 3 deputies. 

The truth of the matter is this...

The Powers That BE (TPTB) are preparing for the finical collapse of the American dollar. When this happens the American public are going to take to the streets and demand reform.  Those in Power will do ANYTHING to hold onto that POWER. 

When the economy collapses it will be the local and State law enforcement who will take the initial brunt of the civil unrest.  

                        Welcome to the NWO

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