Thursday, June 07, 2012

Israel Forever

Tomorrow will mark the 45th anniversary of the capture of Old Jerusalem by the Israelis during the Six Day War of 1967.

 If Moshe Dayan had not taken it upon himself to pursue the cause we might still be waiting for the countdown clock to start!

“On June 7, heavy fighting ensued. Dayan had ordered his troops not to enter the Old City; however, upon hearing that the UN was about to declare a ceasefire, he changed his mind, and without cabinet clearance, decided to capture it. The Israelis did not use armor during the battle out of fear of severe damage to the Old City. “

Upon reaching the wall Moshe Dayan said “We have returned to all that is holy in our land. We have returned never to be parted from it again.” 

“Dayan also gave immediate orders to demolish the anti-sniping walls, clear the minefields and remove the barbed-wire barriers which marked the partition of Jerusalem.

Within weeks, free movement through Jerusalem became possible and hundreds of thousands of Israeli Jews flocked to the Old City to glimpse the Western Wall and touch its stones.”

Glory to Yahweh Lord of ALL Creation! 

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