Monday, May 14, 2012

UN Treaties Do Not Supercede The 2nd Amendment!

Nearly all American are aware of 'The right to keep and bear arms'The  right to own, possess, buy, sell, and use firearms is actually the foundational keystone maintaining the bedrock of the Bill of Rights rights.  When Globalist PTB finally succeed in denying American Patriots their GOD given right to the defense of family, property, and Liberty, then all other rights will depend solely on the benevolence of the state. 

American citizens need to wake up and learn as much as we can about the Second Amendment.   We need to urge our neighbors to wake up and learn what their rights are and what the cost of being FREE means. 

US Supreme Court Justice Alito has provided us with such a chance with his majority opinion in McDonald v. Chicago.   The landmark US Supreme Court decision clearly illustrates the cold truth which the mainstream media (MSM) would go to any length to hide.

 Justice Alito pointed back to the Heller decision (2008) to highlight the fact the “the Second Amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of self-defense.”

He also added in clear language that the right to keep and bear arms has long been viewed as one of the “fundamental rights necessary to our system of orderly liberty.”

So, you see the 2nd Amendment is not in the Bill of Rights because of hunting, but for the defense of Liberty, Freedom, and Justice.  defending our lives.   Private ownership of guns in this country is absolutely vital to the system of liberty, for it is the last defense against of a FREE nation against legislative tyranny. 

The Founding Fathers said it succinctly  the right to keep and bear arms is necessary to the security of a FREE State."