Monday, May 07, 2012

RFID-Mark of the Beast

The U.S. military is going to plant nanosensors (nano-RFID chips) in soldiers to monitor health and to deliver combat enhancing drugs on the battlefield.

Anyone with a understanding of what is coming knows that this is just one more step down the road of having all of humanity chipped and tagged like cattle.

Common sense tell us that the government is never going to say at gunpoint "Every citizen has to have a tracking chip implanted.’”

As with the TSA it’s always in incremental steps.  If you can put a microchip in a solider who can't refuse it, then onto convicts, mental patients, etc.
Then, they will bring in the Ace in the hole, Newborn children.  The nanao-RIFD chip will of course be for the protection of the children. They always cloak evil in the guise of love and concern. 

 Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has confirmed plans to implant nanosensors into soldiers to track them on the battlefield.
Anyone who is aware of DARPA's plans knows that the implants will be used not just to monitor health but to keep track of and potentially  control people.  

If the nano-RFID chip is connected to the central nervous system of a human being then there is the distinct possibility of the nano-RIFID chip being able to disrupt the individuals brain, heart, lung, muscle function.  So, once the nano-RFID chip is implanted in a person if the person disobeys then the controler of the nano-RFID chip can simply press a button and the person loses all control of their muscles.  Take it a step further if the controller so chooses he can simply stop the heart of the individual implanted with the nano-RFID chip and that person would die.

That is an AWESOME amount of power given up by the individual who is implanted.   From the moment the nano-RFID chip is implanted, the individual becomes a slave with no free will.  The implanted individual will never again be able to truly be free as long as the nano-RFID chip pollutes his or her flesh.  

After all if you are given an order and you choose to disobey it they can press a button and you die instantly.  IF they need you because of your skill set then they simply electrify  your skeletal muscular system and you writhe in agony for as long as they deem necessary to teach you a lesson.  

DARPA describes the technology on which it is working as “a truly disruptive innovation,” which would diagnose, monitor vital states and “even deliver medicine into the bloodstream.”

I find it interesting that DARPA uses the words..."Disruptive"

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Anonymous said...

The RFID, is much more than than what anyone knows. It allows for real time full time computer mapping of the body of the person who is chipped, with unfathomable accuracy. This allows for extreme minute amounts of energy in the from of a beam to be directed at a nerve and cause that nerve to fire, which can operate muscles, in the human body, causing alien movements. Also modulated beams of energy can be directed at various portions of the human brain and inducing thoughts and feelings.
It is not so much the technology of the chip as the technology that it allows to be used on the person who is unlucky enough to have been chipped.