Friday, May 25, 2012

OKLAHOMA land of the Free Home of the Brave

Gov. Mary Fallin signed Senate Bill 1733 into law Tuesday, allowing citizen's of Oklahoma to openly carry firearms.

The bill permits licensed individuals to openly carry a weapon or conceal it. It also allows property owners to openly carry a firearm on their property without a concealed carry permit for the purpose of self-defense.

 “Senate Bill 1733 lets American's know that Oklahoma values the rights of its citizens to defend themselves, their family and their property.
Oklahoma is now the 25th state with a law either allowing residents to openly carry only with a license, or not requiring a license. Oklahoma now joins Utah, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Hawaii and Massachusetts as a licensed open carry state.
Gov. Mary Fallin said “I want to thank Sen. Sykes and Rep. Hickman, as well as the entire Legislature, for their commitment to protecting the Second Amendment rights of Oklahomans,"