Monday, May 07, 2012

The NICT has been caught faking Solar Data

The Real-time Magnetosphere Simulation SPACE WEATHER SIMULATION (SWS)

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Following services have been terminated.

  • Real-time Magnetosphere Simulation

It's all wiped out.. including data archives!

The  NICT simulation has been available for YEARS! Suddenly, they have taken down the simulation and ALL DATA!!!

An informed insider has connected the dots between FAKE Solar data and an UNKNOWN object causing Earth's magnetic field to suffer repulsion.

His Talking Points:

1: Just by using Earth's magnetic field data predicted EXACTLY when Earth's magnetosphere would get blasted and also predicted Northern lights!

2: Predicted that BEFORE any "Solar flare/CME" eruptions.

3: Stated NASA has a track record pattern of using Photoshop to fake Solar activity right after Earth's magnetic field gets repelled by "something else" and PREDICTED NASA might come out and "blame the Sun again".
Sure enough.. the Day after BOTH predictions were made there were Solar Flare/CME's eruptions that were forecasted to hit Earth on the DAY he predicted Earth's magnetosphere would be blasted BEFORE any Solar eruptions!
So if the official story of Earth's magnetosphere getting blasted is from "Solar Flares/CMEs" how did he predict it before hand???

Then NICT started having "issues"?
Coincidence? popcorn

If the official story of Earth's magnetosphere getting hit on:
February 26th was from a CME/Solar tsunami on the 24th.
March 11th was from an M-Class flare on the 9th.

How was it he predicted on the March 8th and February 23th that "by the end of march 11th"/"by the end of February 26.. Earth's magnetosphere would get blasted by particles"

From Insider:

"I used the pattern I shared in previous videos to forecast EXACTLY when charged particles would hit Earth BEFORE any "solar eruption" and BEFORE any forecast from NOAA twice in a row now!

Not only that, after the second time it happened.. from the 9th forward the Data archives at the NICT is wiped out and the live feed is rarely on anymore.
Plus even more recently is was documented that there has been "magnetic wind coming from the dark side of Earth".

Where is this coming from? For how long have I been saying this ISN'T coming from the Sun

Anybody else on youtube been able to document within a time frame of when charged particles would hit Earth before any "solar flares" and before any NOAA forecast twice in a row???

I think not! There is no debunking this info!

I exposed this pattern and the disinformation by using their data.
While I'm pissed the NICT is currently down because I can't use their data to forecast anymore.. they took it down right after I exposed the truth for the second time which says a lot about what I've been talking about all along!

NICT data used to make predictions that came true exposing something other than is the Sun is affecting Earth and then NICT was shut down for good?
Connect the dots.. this is too much of a coincidence!

Something is hitting the Earth's magnetic field from the OPPOSITE side of the SUN! Check out this video

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