Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Executive Order 13606: Obama established the Atrocities Prevention Board

As reported last week, President Obama has created YET ANOTHER new government agency tasked with identifying and combating war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other such atrocities.

Appropriately, this new committee is called the White House Atrocities Prevention Board (APB) and it will be headed by

President Obama’s National Security Advisor:

                                       Samantha Power

Power was involved in the development:

The worldwide leader in the promotion of this sovereignty stealing doctrine that Samantha Power worked to develop is the Global Centre for Responsibility to Protect (GCR2P)

Exercising powers Obama created for himself in Executive Order 13606,  Obama established the Atrocities Prevention Board, whose formation was announced by the President during his remarks at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum marking Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The STATED goal of the APB is to first formally recognize that genocide and other mass atrocities committed by foreign powers are a “core national security interest and core moral responsibility.”

The APB, will be comprised of senior government officials across nearly a dozen government agencies, with ZERO Congressional oversight and will conduct regular meetings in the White House to identify and combat these atrocities occurring overseas that pose a significant threat to America’s national security.

The TRUTH of all this is very easily seen.  NOW, without US Congrssional oversight the President and his NEW Atrocities Prevention Board can declare any and all internal Sovereign problems as Atrocities thus allowing the US and NATO and most likely the UN to intervene. This will allow the US, NATO, and the UN to decide when and where it wants to invade, put boots on the ground and occupy. All of this in the name of  Atrocities Prevention.  This newly minted fiefdom created out of thin air is most likely to turn their attention to Syria.  Then, to ANY country in the world which will not freely give up it's national assets to TPTB. 

One side note:

One of the biggest financial supporters of the
 The  Global Centre for Responsibility to Protect is the Open Society Institute. which itself is a branch of the Open Society Foundation, an organization created by leftist financier...  George Soros.

So, now you know this is nothing more then a land grab by the Uber-Elite using the United States Military as it's muscle.

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