Sunday, April 22, 2012

Obama declares by LAW that Free Speech A Felony

President Obama signs an anti-protest bill, H.R. 347, prohibiting protesters from occupying areas near the Secret Service.

It actually MAKES it Illegal to protest against the policies of American politicians.  Now the Secret Service can decide anytime, anywhere where THEY or their MASTER'S want a NO-FREE-SPEECH ZONE.

This is a violation of the 1st Amendment, this is a flagrent violation of the foundation of the fabirc of the United States of America.

FREE SPEECH is the bedrock on which a FREE United States is built upon.  NOW, whenever TPTB don't want to have to hear from the slaves they can just declare a NO-FREE SPEECH ZONE and anyone who dares to speak up will face a YEAR in FEDERAL PRISON. 

This bill was brought in by the Republicans and supported by both parties and signed into LAW in SECRET by Obama.  

The full text of H.R. 347 is available here:

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