Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The NSA'S Utah Data Center (UDC)

It seems that George Orwell is alive and well in the Utah.   It is in the Utah desert that the Nation Security Agency is putting it's finishing touches on it's All knowing--All Seeing--global communication complex. 

The NSA's Utah Data Center (UDC) a $2 billion and counting  infrastructure network of computers, satellites and phone lines which will be able to see, hear, and know every thing that moves, flies, walks or crawls on planet earth.  If it is electronic, connected to a computer, phone line, or satellite the NSA'S UDC center will know it in real time.   The NSA'S UDC is to become the central hub of the National Security Agency’s vast spying infrastructure.

 The UDC is erecting an invisible chain around the neck of every US citizen.  No where is a US citizen free of the intrusive surveillance currently practiced by the NSA.  With the new UDC complex in the Utah desert it will soon be the entire world who will share the electronic prison created by the NSA.   

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Believe All Things said...

It is sad to think that the NSA Utah facility in Bluffdale may be used for illicit purposes.