Saturday, March 03, 2012


Unless Christian begin to evangelize the people of the False religion of islam the consequences will be a Holocaust for both Jews and Christians.  The lie of Islam is spreading because we live in a fallen world ruled by evil.  The Light of JESUS CHRIST is the only hope this world has to be delivered of the darkness that is spreading across the world.

Join with me and turn to a stranger and tell them of the LOVE of JESUS CHRIST.  Don't speak of religion, or denomination, just tell them that JESUS CHRIST came so that they might be set free from the world, that they might have life and it more abundantly.

JESUS CHRIST is Light, Love, Hope, Joy, LIFE!

islam is death, hatred, and lies spewed from the mouth of the false prophet mohammed who was a pedophile, thief, murder, and a liar.   If Islam was the true faith it would not need violence and the threat of death to keep it's believers from leaving islam.

I pray for each and every muslim that they will be set free from the lie of islam!

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