Thursday, March 01, 2012

Andrew Breitbart... Dead

Andrew Breitbart Is Dead at age 43.

Without a autopsy, without any medical experts looking at the body, the liberal MSM has declared he died of Natural causes. This after his firestorm comment..."I have college videos of Obama no one has ever seen!"

Natural Causes?

Comments From across the Internet...


GEEE what a coincidence....

right after he announces that he has videos of Obama in college....

Is this rule by assasination again?

This stinks of payback

This comment is from 3 days before his death---Re: “BREITBART ON OBAMA: I’VE GOT VIDEOS….THAT NOBODY HAS SEEN” He'd better watch out. People who threaten to reveal info tend to get suicided before they can. Just spill the beans already.

wow... 2 days after cpac announcement of obama videos?

I called this on Feb 27th, the first time I read about his Obama tapes. I hope that collapses this fucking cabal of communists.

Natural causes, any nurse or paramedic could give a person a virtually untraceable cocktail that would look like sudden cardiac death. This utter bullshit.

It's strange how they eagerly volunteered the term "natural causes"

WTF?????? NO WAY!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT right, he was MURDERED !!!! WOW!

Natural causes @ 43 years old?

How brazen!

Big Red Flag here....

Most of the political figures in Soviet Union died from "natural cause", mostly from heart attack.

I literally gasped when I saw this on Drudge. Nothing about this sounds right. There is no such thing as "natural causes" at 43. Especially with no pre-existing conditions.

All this a week or so after his CPAC speech about Obama videos?

Very convenient an election year

He was murdered. Plain and simple.

And to you people who applaud this, consider this...YOU have to live in this country where political threats are assassinated as well as the rest of us. If YOU think just because you happen to dislike Andrew that "your side" is somehow immune to this sick, twisted system we've created, then I'll be listening for the loud sucking sound when you pull your head out of your ass.

I've said it a thousand times; this isn't about right and left you fucking idiots! This is all of us! And we can't fix it until we beat them at their own game and stop buying into the left/right paradigm

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