Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Precrime Thought Criminals

 Big brother surveillance by US police forces has exploded.  The Associated Press reports that East Orange, New Jersey intends to identfy criminal by their PRE-ACTIONS by shinning PRE-suspects with a red-beamed spotlight, before any crime is committed.

The “PRE-CRIME” thought deterrent will be mounted on ALL street lights, and, or buildings or any suitable structures.

In East Orange, and cities all over the United States everyone is NOW a “Pre-crime” suspect until the Local, State, or Federal government decides otherwise.

 To add to the 'PRE-CRIME' hysteria officer squad cars also scan the license plates of EVERY SINGLE  vehicle they pass, checking them against a variety of lists– from terrorist monitor lists, to unpaid parking tickets, warrants and more.

Officers can then pull over vehicles even if the driver has committed no violations, so, as to divert attention from BIG BROTHER'S Pre-Crime patrol vehicle.

Cameras tied into police video monitor stations can also be accessed from squad cars as well as the reverse.   Patrolling PRE-CRIME Thought Police can zoom in on nearby locations to determine if a Pre-Crime Thought might be in progress.    A NON-suspect can be identified and arrested BEFORE HE/SHE engages in PRE-CRIME thoughts.

How effective is this New technology?

Only one single crime is solved for every 1,000 CCTV PRE_CRIME Thought cameras

So, to catch one single purse snatcher, 10,000 citizens are monitored minute by minute, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Civil rights are violated, the US Constitution is shredded, and individual privacy, guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, is illegally denied

All to catch 1 single misdemeanor criminal...

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