Friday, December 02, 2011

Theft by Wind Turbine

‘Wind turbines, and wind turbine Farms continue to increase as the Global Warming lie is pushed on every continent.  As the actual wind turbine itself continues to grow ever larger, the incidents of deadly accidents, mechanical failures, fires, and wind turbine collapse increases daily.  

Wind Energy is FREE! reads the headlines in the 1990's as the Global Warming lie began to be ramped up by world governments.  
How safe is this 'FREE' wind energy?

In the last ten years 'FREE' wind power facilities have repeatedly shown that they are NOT reliable and durable as manufactures previously claimed. Many thousands of accidents, breakdowns have been reported in just the last 6 years. The main culprit is the gearboxes inside the white outer casings placed on top of the huge  towering masts which have very short lives.  Often, gearboxes promised to last 20 years, do not last five years.  Then, you have the other main problem which is fractures forming along the outer rotors, followed by cracks in the foundation.  Short circuits or overheated propellers have caused numerous fires.   This is all despite the original promises of the manufacturers which advertised that their wind turbines would exceed 20 years of service.

The force, acceleration, yaw, and pitch on the rotors blades far exceed what the manufactures expected.  The truth is the mechanical engineers did not do they due diligence, the wind speed is never consistent, there are gusts and direction changes along with heavy driving rains. Then, there are the X-factors such as lighting, hail, bird strikes, sleet, ice accumulation along the blades, which play havoc with the structural integrity and longevity of the wind turbine.  
However, instead of working to create more efficient technology, many manufacturers have simply elected to build even larger rotor blades, While,  larger machines have great capacity the strains that come to bear are far more difficult for the larger wind turbine to endure. 

‘Even the most basic component, the simple concrete foundation is experiencing higher then normal failure rates due to vibrational  load changes, stress fractures, water damages, ice strikes, and as always rusting of the rebar due to untended exposed cracks.  

More troubles...

‘Frontier Pro Services of Banning, California conducted an informal survey of approximately 75 wind farm operators in the United States.’ what they found is that  ‘60% OF TURBINES MAY BE BEHIND IN CRITICAL MAINTENANCE.

Repeated catastrophic wind turbine failures hit the news regularly. Here are just a few headlines...
Less than a year after the turbines were commissioned, a 100m turbine at the Crystal Rig in the Lammermuir Hills experienced a catastrophic blade failure.

The 38.8m (127 ft) blade, weighing over 7 tons, broke up at high speed in a gale, throwing debris for a considerable distance.

Wearside, NC
‘The 200ft structure at the Nissan factory, part of a £2.3million wind farm built in August, burst into flames just after 12.30pm yesterday.

‘The fire was so fierce all three 75-ft long fibreglass blades eventually dropped off and thick black smoke could be seen for miles around.

‘Almost 200 people dialled 999 to alert emergency crews as flames engulfed the turbine.


The Comet, 6 September, 2011.

‘A blade from a wind turbine on the roof of the new Lister Hospital car park flew off in high winds last night (Monday) hitting a car.

‘New spin for AMRC’s failed wind turbine project’

The Sheffield Star, 6 October, 2011

‘Two wind turbines on South Yorkshire’s Advanced Manufacturing Park [!] are to be demolished after being mothballed for around two years, because the blades fell off one of them.