Monday, December 12, 2011

The out right decapitation of the Polish government by Russian forces
in Smolensk has been inundated by misdirection, slight of hand, and outright lies.

In the case of Polish President's Plane crash in Smolensk, Russian Intelligence was sure because of the heavily wooded area and difficult to reach location there would be no eye-witnesses.   As with all intel operations misjudgement and assumptions caused mistakes to be made. 

The mobile phone video shot seconds after the plane was intentionally brought by Russian intelligence was seen worldwide.  This was a major flaw in the Russian's plan, which, was to blame the crash on weather and pilot error.   

In the video there are people shouting Polish words in authoritative and angry tone: "Calm down! Look into my eyes! Change of plans!"

There are clear sounds of  gunfire.  Make no mistake, the survivors were being executed by Russian/Polish-traders special forces.  

The 10 official lies according to Leszek Szymowski, the former journalist of the weekly „Wprost" and TVP, the author of the controversial book titled: "Zamach w Smoleńsku," (Assasination in Smoleńsk)

1.The President's Tupolev airplane flew to Smolensk registered as an international flight. It's a lie: The plane was the governmental TU 154M, and the flight to Smolensk was registered as the military flight.

2.The crew of the plane was inexperienced and made fundamental mistakes. Ignoring orders of the air controllers and making an attempt to land. It's a lie: Pilots were professionally trained and had great experience, and the controller gave them permission to land.

3. At 8:41 am, after collision with a birch tree, the plane turned to its back and hit the ground. Power of the load factor killed all passengers. Nobody survived. It's a lie: Tupolev cut trees down, but to some point damaged, managed to make emergency landing in the mud. O8: 39 the strength of the bomb explosion tore it into pieces and killed some passengers. The ones, who survived, were murdered with firearms.

4.The video shot on the spot with a mobile phone by Wołodia Safonienko does not make any difference, and the sounds registered there, come from the explosion of the ammunition  of  Government Protection Bureau officers. It's a lie: Wołodia Safonienko didn't shoot this film. The sounds of the shots came from firearms, and the film is the evidence that passengers who survived, were murdered.

5.The investigation from the very beginning was conducted altogether by Poland and Russia, the cooperation was superb and it was led according to the highest standards. It's a lie: the Tusk government let the Russians carry the investigation and  the Polish prosecutor's office could hardly say anything. From the very beginning the Russians did monkey business.

6.From the very first second, the families of the victims were provided with legal and psychological aid and could participate in all activities. All bodies of the victims were identified and  transported to Poland.
It's a lie: families of victims have been humiliated from the beginning and had difficulties to get access to the investigative materials. The coffins brought to Poland were soldered and the families were not permitted to open them.

7.Polish and Russian investigators, bearing in mind importance of the case, diligently informed the public about the progress in the investigation and about the most important arrangements. It's a lieFrom the very first second after the crash, it has been a well organised disinformation action. Both Polish and Russian investigators lied. The Russian MAK Comitee and both governments lied as well.

8.Russian Security Services didn't have the slightest interest in killing Lech Kaczyński, because in a few months he would stop being a president and would walk away into the political oblivion. It's a lie: Lech Kaczyński could win elections again. He acted against the politics of Russian  imperialism, he tried to get Georgia into NATO. He reinforced the independence of Poland, contributed to dissolution of WSI (Poland's former Military Intelligence Services) and opposed the disadvantageous regulations of the gas agreement with Russia.

9.After the death of President Kaczyński, relations with Russia have been normalized, and relationships between both states have became eventually correct . It's a lie. Polish foreign policy turned into prorussian direction, and the servility of the government and the president Komorowski towards Russia have reached inconceivable scale.

10.The death of Lech Kaczyński was a result of the disaster being an effect of many ill-fated circumstances. It's a lie: Lech Kaczyński was murdered.

This deliberate assassination of the entire top echelon of the Polish government, including the Polish President was accomplished by the same organization with the same agenda as the 9/11 attacks within the United States. 


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