Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dire Truths-- Part I

The fall of the great Western Roman Empire reached it's apex in A.D. 476.   The end of the Western Democracies began in the Land of the Rising Sun...

Japan was the first country to fall into a deflationary spiral starting in 1989. The United States of America followed suit in early 2000.  A very anemic tepid recovery sputtered to life in 2009-2011, which is where we find ourselves now.   

As of 2010 the European Union has begun to finically come apart due to an unwillingness by the socialists who currently hold power in the weaker E.U. members to face brutal austerity measure.   

The European Union collapse will be a deadly contagion which will swiftly infect the global credit supply, making an already weak US dollar practically worthless.  Financial markets the world over will shut down due to a complete lack of available credit.  All liquidity will be frozen by the stark knowledge that the global collapse has begun and there are no more safe harbors. 
"This massive crash was caused by the massive debt which has been created by the central banks of the world creating credit instruments out of thin air, highly leveraged banking practices, debt based financing, the sale of toxic debt masquerading labeled as 4A credit rating, and outright fraud on a global scale.

Currently, The United States of America has just 4 percent of the world’s population, but owes 82 percent of the entire world's debt. 

The European Union owes a mere 8 percent of the world’s debt.

Japan owes 6 percent.

The remaining debt is held by the other 168 other countries of the world at a measly 4 percent. 

Short term U.S. treasuries yield just 0.02 percent at this present time. If they were to rise by 0.27 percent, this would consume ALL remaining annual income in the United States.  All Federal spending would cease, no Defense spending, no SSI, no Medicaid, no federal employees, nothing. The United States would be forced to do nothing else but pay interest on the national debt.  

America’s gross domestic product is $10 trillion a year.  

The 27 member European Union's gross domestic product is $16.07 trillion a year.

China's gross domestic product is $5.07 trillion a year.

Russia's gross domestic product is  $1.48 trillion a year.

Africa's collective gross domestic product is $.07 trillion a year.

The gross domestic product for the entire WORLD is  $33 trillion. 

The total global toxic debt is $300 trillion and growing.  

What can be done to stop this?

 Part II "The Solution"

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