Friday, November 11, 2011

The Witness against you is Your Car

Since 1998 digital information is complied every second that you are in your vehicle.  This Orwellian monitoring is done by your car's event data recorder(EDR), a computer hard-drive that is EXACTLY like the “black box” on a commercial jet.

Your car's EDR is currently capable of recording a laundry list of your cars performance.   Including, but not limited too braking, steering, speed up to the instant of impact with another vehicle or stationary object, or even another human being.   Even, whether or not the driver and passengers were wearing seat belts.

The digital record your car is keeping of you WILL become another witness against you in the court of law if you are in an accident.  YOU may not remember what happened at the time of the accident, but your car's event data recorder(EDR) will, and this information can be and WILL be used against you in a court of law.

As of 2012 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration require a event data recorder(EDR) in every car manufactured for and in the United States.  Presently,  more then 85 percent of U.S. vehicles already contain some form of event data recorder(EDR).   As of 2010 all vehicles event data recorder(EDR) retain 20 separate forms of impact information, such as pre-impact speed, engine revolution, velocity, airbag deployment, braking times, seatbelt information, radio levels, phone usage, etc.

Digital evidence is seen everyday throughout the US court system.  A car's event data recorder(EDR) is simply another form of electronic documentation; just as traffic cameras, radar detectors, and police dash cams.

So, remember, every time you get behind the wheel Big Brother is riding with you. Where you go, how long it took you to get there, how fast you drove, how loud you blared the radio, if you were using the phone, if you were driving to slow, etc.  Big Brother is right under your hood ready at a moments notice to testify against you.  Big Brother will never get tired, Big Brother will never forget, and Big Brother will tell anyone with a thumb drive all of your personal information in just seconds...

My question is this?

What if?

What if the computers (event data recorder-EDR) are programmed incorrectly, read incorrectly, or are simply faulty.  What then?


What if Big Brother wants you out of the way?  Who is over sighting the digital information from the event data recorder(EDR)?  Who is assuring that the chain of evidence is pure in the transfer of your car's event data recorder(EDR)?  Who's to say Big Brother hasn't tampered with your car's event data recorder(EDR)?   

Who is watching Big Brother?

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