Thursday, November 17, 2011

Manifest Evil

Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23, of Knoxville, Tennessee a young couple in love, were abducted at gunpoint, while on a date.

What follows next is the worst fears of every parent come true.  This is the nightmare horror which every young woman fears.  There is no mitigating the nightmare which unfolded for these two innocent young people.

 At gun point both Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were bound and gagged and driven to a rental house which was prepared from the horror that was about to unfold.

4 of the known  BLACK men(, Letalvis D. Cobbins, Lemaricus Davidson and George Thomas, Eric Dewayne Boyd along with authorities believe 2 other BLACK men (The medical examiner found semen from Davidson, Cobbins, and 2 unidentified men on Channon Christian’s panties, but none from her boyfriend; which means that two rapist-murderers are still at large).    These 4 known BLACK men were aided by an additional Black female( Vanessa Coleman; who would later write in her journal about the rapes and murders:“I’ve had one hell of an adventure in the big TN,” and “Ha Ha.”

Once at the rental home began to violently and repeatedly beat, hit, strike, kick, and gang-rape Channon Christian.  After taking a break the 4 to 6 BLACK men took turns sodomizing not just the young girl Channon, but the young boy Christopher Newsom as well.  Not satisfied with only analy sodomizing Christopher Newsom with their genitals the 4 to 6 BLACK men used a jagged object to forcefully penetrate Christopher Newsom rectum.  The violence of the forced penetration by the jagged foreign object ripped Christopher Newsom's rectum causing massive internal bleeding. 

After sodimizing Christopher Newsom the 4 to 6 BLACK men turned their attention back to the young girl Channon Christian.  The 4 to 6  BLACK men took turns orally raping Channon Christian this went on for so long and became so violent that Channon Christian's lower lip was ripped from her gums.

That was just the first two days of the nightmare 

Tired of listening to Christopher Newsom moaning in agony, begging for his and Channon Christian's life the 4 to 6 BLACK me cut off his penis in front of Channon Christian and then shot him 3 times in the face.  Still wanting to ratchet up the horror the 5 to 7 BLACK men then dragged Christopher Newsom's dead body onto nearby train tracks and set it on fire. 

NOW, 3 days into the nightmare  Channon Christian bleeding from every orifice on her body, her lower lip torn from her gums, her genitals and anus swollen and bleeding was subjected to even more torture.   The 4 to 6 BLACK men and the accompanying BLACK female held down the young  Channon Christian and poured drain-o down her throat.  Gagging on the caustic drain-o Channon Christian begged for her life.  

After 4 days the 4 to 6 BLACK men and the accompanying BLACK female took the young Channon Christian, still alive, and stuffed her violated, bruised, and bloody body into a  large plastic trashcan.  There with her eyes open, begging for mercy Channon Christian suffocated to death. 


1) Eric Boyd was found guilty in Federal court of being an accessory to a fatal carjacking and for failing to report the location of a known fugitive.[19] Boyd's was the first case to go to trial, and he was the only suspect not charged with murder.[20] He was sentenced to the maximum of 18 years in Federal prison.[21] He is currently incarcerated at Beckley FCI.

2)  Letalvis D. Cobbins was found guilty of the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Cobbins faced the possibility of the death penalty because he was convicted of first degree felony murder in the murder of Christian. He was found guilty of facilitation of murder for Newsom but he was acquitted of Newsom's rape. The jurors worked about 10 hours Monday and on Tuesday morning before reaching a verdict. They never asked Judge Richard Baumgartner any questions during their deliberations. On August 26, Cobbins was sentenced to life without parole

3) Lemaricus Devall Davidson was found guilty on all counts. He was found not guilty on three counts of the aggravated rape of Christopher Newsom but was found guilty of the lesser included charges of facilitation of rape. The sentencing hearing began on October 29, 2009 at 9am EST. The sentence hearing ended the next day October 30, 2009 at approx 3pm EST when a jury, after deliberating approx 3 hours, sentenced Lemaricus Davidson to death on 4 of the conviction counts

4) George Thomas was found guilty on all counts, including the ones the other defendants were acquitted of despite his case being based solely on circumstantial evidence and testimony. The sentencing hearing began December 8th, 2009 and ended on December 10th, 2009 at approx 10:45 am EST when the jury, after approx 3 hours of deliberation, returned a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole on each of the 4 capital convictions.

5) Vanessa Coleman as the last defendant to face trial. Coleman's case is complicated by the fact that, while she was granted immunity by federal authorities for testimony in the federal case on the car-jacking, the state courts have ruled that the federal grant of immunity does not extend to the state charges on murder and rape. On May 13, 2010, Coleman was acquitted of first degree murder but found guilty on lesser charges. On July 30, 2010, she was sentenced to 53 years behind bars.

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