Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Fluoride in toothpaste is RAT Poison

The Federal government is finally admitting a truth it has tried to cover up for decades. That fluoride spiked drinking water and it's disproportionate consumption by children is resulting in a marked decrease in measurable IQ test.  The fact that the Federal government has been pumping it into the US water supply for decades is no surprise. it was the Russians in the 1950's who became aware that highly doses of  Sodium Fluoride destroyed higher brain functions, shortened life expectancy, and best of all made people docile and highly suggestible.   After the Soviet Ministry of Science learned this, it was the Soviets who began buying Sodium fluoride by the metric ton.  All for the sole purpose of chemical mind control. 

Sodium fluoride  is also the main ingredient in many rat poisons.  Most European nations  have banned adding Sodium Fluoride into their municipal water supplies.  These are the same European nations which routinely out perform US school children in math and science on standardized tests. Even more telling is that scores of Dentist and PhD Oral Surgeons have admitted that forced municipal water fluoridation is a health risk to children and pregnant women. 

The biggest competitor to the United States economically is China.  Recently, the Chinese did a double blind  Sodium Fluoride municipal water study.  The study was conducted over an 18 month period.  It included 512 children between the ages 8 and 13, with multiple levels of fluoride exposure. 

Control group A was given high fluoride levels in their water supply.  Control group B was given low levels of fluoride levels in their water supply.   The Chinese scientists diligently eliminated any and all variables which might have impacted measurable intelligence.  X factors such as iodine deficiency, lead exposure, and proper nutrition were all monitored.  At the end of the 18 month study period the Chinese scientist discovered that the children in the Chinese village with low fluoride levels in the municipal water supply scored an average 350 percent higher on standardized tests then did the children in the Chinese village with high fluoride levels in the municipal water supply.  The Chinese scientist went on to find that 15 percent of the highly fluoridated children showed signs of unrecoverable intelligence loss.  Meaning that the damage Fluoride did to the children's developing intelligence was permanent.    

One final note exposure to Sodium Fluoride is not limited to simply drinking the water. Showering, bathing, in tap water combined with twice daily brushing of ones teeth will lead to the absorption of toxic levels of this glorified rat poison.  The only answer is to use toothpaste without Sodium Fluoride, to use water which is Fluoride free, to lobby your state legislature to stop the forced fluoridation of the local water supply.  It's not only your health, it's the health of your children, and your grandchildren. 

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