Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Atheists Famous Last word Part 2

Atheists Famous Last words...

Karl Marx: Originator of Communism.
On his deathbed surrounded by candles burning to Lucifer, screamed at his nurse to leave. After which the Nurse leaned against the door and heard 2 voices, and 1 anguished cry….
"I have given you the whole of the Russian people!" the second voice "An  now I shall have you as well…"

David Hume, Atheist:
He cried: "I am in flames!" His desperation was a horrible scene.

Voltaire, the famous skeptic:
Voltaire died a terrible death. His nurse said: "For all the money in Europe I wouldn’t want to see another unbeliever die! All night long he cried for forgiveness."

 Napoleon Bonaparte,:
About Napoleon, Count Montholon wrote: "The Emperor died forsaken by all, on this horrible rock. (St. Helena) His death struggle was awful!"

Stalin: responsible for the murder of at least 80 million Russians. Swetlana Allilujewa, his daughter, who in March 1953 was called to the dying dictator in his dacha in Kunzewo, She said: "Father died terribly.  He clawed at his arms and chest trying to put out unseen flames. He kept saying that he was burning."

Voltaire: (1694-1778) "This is not the time to make new enemies." (When asked on his deathbed to forswear Satan.)

Mao Zedong: (Chairman of China) " I have stood at the head of the Chinese people, but now I am all alone."

Edward Gibbon, Atheist, Author: "All I have is now is darkness and doubts."

Catherine a 16th century prostitute brought back from the dead by St. Francis Jerome: he went up to the death chamber and there, after having prayed for an instant, he uncovered the face of the corpse, and said in a loud voice, "Catherine, tell us where art thou now." At this summons, the dead woman lifted her head and pronounced these words: "In Hell, forever and ever I am in Hell." And immediately, she fell back again into the condition of a corpse.

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