Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Rape of the Iraq

The outright theft of Oil by the United States from the Nation of Iraq and it's deeply impoverished people is being done using the most brutal and barbaric methods possible.

 America's national arrogance and it's deeply rooted sense of Western entitlement is cold calculating death heaped atop dead Iraqi babies, one 500lb bomb at a time.   'Shock and Awe' is nothing more then genocide in garish lipstick, bad lighting, and cheap perfume.  While, misleading sound bites may tickle the sadist fantasies of pick up driving rednecks, it does little for a country, a people who have been subjugated by not one, not two, but three separate major land, sea, and air invasions.  All of which were spurned by one single united driving force, cheap, free, oil, the life blood of the world's global economy.      

 When the 1st Marine Division of the United States military punched through the defenses of what was left of the rag-tag Iraqi Army, their first priority was the Iraqi Oil Ministry building, which of course was not stuck by one single, bomb or bullet. It was the prize the American Bankers wanted above everything else, the locations of all the Iraqi oil fields, both drilled and untapped.  Any nation who defies their desire to rape and steal national assets be punished by death from above.

The true debt for the holocaust in the RAPE of IRAQ is the Wallstreet bankers.  It is they who steer the bow of the great American ship of state and it's awesome military might.   The American military is a killing machine with no equal, since the beginning of the world; it has only one ability and that is to kill, destroy, and occupy.

  Such barbarism will have unintended consequences far into the uncertain future, one in where a US President is given a Nobel Peace prize as he increases carpet bombing in Iraq.   Iraq has not gained Democracy, Freedom, nor Liberty because the American military has no capacity to apply, spread, such ideals.    .

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