Monday, October 24, 2011

NATO's Assassination of Gaddafi

Before the planned MURDER of Gaddafi by America's puppet NATO Libya was the largest oil producer in Africa.  That was not Gaddafi's crime in the eyes of the Globalist Bankers. His unpardonable crime was that Gaddafi was planning to introduce the gold dinar, a single African currency that would serve as an alternative to the U.S. dollar.

  There are no coincidences in the coming One World Government.  Iraq’s former dictator Saddam Hussein, was in the process of creating the Iraqi gold Dinar a replacement for the American Dollar in the Gulf.  Suddenly, the United States found evidence of“weapons of mass destruction under every rock in Iraq.  They never did find any evidence of 'weapons of mass destruction.'  The moment Saddam Hussein was dead and Iraq forgot about the gold Iraqi Dina, so to did the US forget about looking for, finding, or even talking about WMD's in IRAQ.

If ANY oil producing Gulf nation started accepting any other currency other than the US dollars it destroy the value and need for the US greenback.  The US dollar as the world's reserve currency is only so, because in order to buy oil you MUST have US dollars.  The US Dollar is worth nothing, but faith in a government that is running an annual budget deficit of over $ 3 TRILLION dollars a year. 

Qaddafi was no Angel, but he and the free people of Libya did not deserve the brutal overthrow of a peaceful government which provided well for it's citizens.

Gaddafi's contributions to the people of Libya:
1. All the newly weds people of Libya used to get about 50,000 dollars from Government to lead a very happy life.

2. Home was a guaranteed  right of every citizen of Libya.

3. There was no electricity bill in Libiya. Electricity is free.

4. No interest loan for the people of Libya according to Law. Gaddafi was against interest since interest is forbidden in Islam.

5. Gaddafi has increased the literacy rate from 25% to 83%. Education expenses in Government universities are free in Libya.

6. Medical expenses in Government hospitals was free in Libya.

7. The price of the patrol was 0.14 cents in Libya.

8. When Libyan citizen buys a car, Government used to subsidized 50% of the price of the car.

9. A large loaf of bread cost only 15 cents in Libya.

10. The GDP per capita of Libya was 15,000 us dollars. Purchasing power was very high compare to the GDP.

11. The economy of Libya was improving rapidly. In 2010 it had 10% growth. It has ZERO external debts, unlike the United States and it's NATO puppets. . It also has the reserves amount of 200 billion US dollars.

12. Unemployment payments were sent from the government until the person finds a Job.

13. A Libyan mother received 5000 us dollars for giving birth to every child.

"Muammar Gaddafi, whatever his faults, WAS a true nationalist. Gaddafi had many positive contributions to Libya.  Gaddafi expelled British and American troops from Libya and seized their bases, after he took power.  Gaddafi sought to do as much as he could for Africa.  He contributed greatly to the building of infrastructure in Africa.

Col Gaddafi pushed for a United States of Africa to rival the US and the European Union. He was famous for saying..."We want an African military to defend Africa. We want a single currency. We want one African passport."

  This all came to a bloody and brutal end when a very public assassination was carried out by Libyan rebels who were after the very large cash reward offered by NATO for the murder and silence Muammar Gaddafi.  

The worst part in all of this is that the Libyan people think they are better off then before.  Now, Libya is nothing more then a colony of the US and Brittan.  After sectarian violence, religious clashes, and countless blood vendetta are carried out, a puppet leader backed by US oil interests will take command of the husk of the once independent Libya. 
When the Libyan people finally wake up and realize that they've been had, it will be too late.  They will be poor, destitute and slaves to the NWO. 

RIP a Once Free and Independent Libya... 


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