Thursday, October 06, 2011

American assassination panel headed by White House

Assassination of American citizens is now being sanctioned by a senior panel of US politician.  This is being done so Obama can have  

Plausible deniability in the ILLEGAL killing of US citizens.

Dr Ron Paul said recently..."We cannot disregard our own laws and the constitution of the US. To do so renders them meaningless for the rest of us. To have a panel or tribunal approving the killing of American Citizens (on or offshore) is a TRAVESTY and must be stopped!

This kind of power does not belong in the hands of the President or anyone else. The "correct" way to deal with this is to find the errant citizen, bring them back to the US, and put them on trial in a public and open forum - let them face their accusers and let the government present evidence of treasonous acts, then allow a jury to decide the accused persons fate! If they are hiding in a hostile country without extradition agreements with the US, a case can be made for the forcible removal of the accused US Citizen and still stay within US Law. (Those same laws were used in and by Israel when they were hunting down the last couple of surviving Nazi War Criminals who'd established new identities and new lives in South America or Australia - so we know they can and do work.)

If our government takes it upon themselves to deny the right to a trial by a jury, the right to face their accusers, and the right to see and defend/refute the evidence against one, then it is NOT the USA any longer. We have become diminished. If we ignore the lofty ideals of our forefathers and the drafters of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, then we will forfeit our nation and our freedoms in short order."

The White House dose not have the legal or moral authority to freely assassinate American citizens.  The US Constitution strictly forbids such practice. 

BY US Constitutional  LAW, the White House must, with all possible means, find a way to detain the US citizen , and BY US Constitutional  LAW, allow this US citizen a trail by jury, and the means to defend him or herself in a US court of law. Anything else, anything at all, is ILLEGAL and unconstitutional.

Mr Obama without LAW there is anarchy. As an attorney, and a dues paying member of the American B.A.R. you are aware of this. 

I ask you Mr Obama is this the CHANGE you so eloquently spoke of during your campaign to be President; to turn the United States of America from a Union of States ruled by Laws to a defacto dictatorship?

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