Thursday, September 15, 2011

Judiciary for $ale

Judiciary for $ale is a thriving business here in America.  Take for instance an indited Pennsylvania juvenile court judge who was recently sentenced to 28 years in prison for accepting payment to send juveniles to a for-profit detention facility in a scandal dubbed "kids for cash,"

Former Luzerne County Juvenile Court Judge Mark Ciavarella, 61, took bribes of over $1 million (US) Dollars from a developer of private detention facilities.
The scam was "kids for cash" thousands of juveniles were convicted on spurious charges by Ciavarella and another former judge, Michael Conahan.

Ginger Franklin, Hendersonville, Tennessee, fell down the stairs in her condo and suffered a bump on her head.  She was declared “temporarily mentally incapacitated” and a guardian was appointed through the courts. In a matter of 6 weeks the COURT appointed Guardian ate through Franklin's Home, savings, cars, anything that could be sold at fire-sale prices.   Today,Franklin is free from the Court Appointed Guardianship but is destitute and bankrupt. 

Joe N. (not his real name) was air lifted to a hospital in Orlando from Ocalaby helicopter after  a motorcycle crash.   During surgery Joe N. aspirated on his own vomit, causing serious and permanent brain damage.  That’s when a COURT appointed guardian was contacted by the hospital and appointed by the court as Joe N.'s full plenary, permanent guardian.

The corporate COURT appointed guardian petitioned the court and LIED saying that Joe N. had no family.  In reality, Joe N. had a wife and four teenage children.  It took more than two months for Joe N.'s wife to discover what had happened to her husband and where he was located.   Joe N.'s wife wanted to bring him home and get him out of the guardianship.  The guardian, however, kept moving Joe N. from location to location, city to city, until the statute of limitations for suing the hospital had expired.  Shortly after the statute of limitations ended, Joe N. conveniently died.

 America has become a country that is ruled by Judicial Oligarchs who are tethered by a financial leash to the soulless Corporations which feed off of public misery, tragedy, and when financially profitable, human death. 

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