Friday, July 15, 2011

ATF--Operation Fast and Furious--False Flag

Allegedly ...

Operation Fast and Furious was a politically motivated action put in place by the Obama Justice Department to manufacture a false scenario that would justify stricter gun control in this country.

The evidence suggests that the 'desired' outcome of the ATF operation was to manufacture "FALSE-Evidence Appearing Real" FEAR that Legal, law abiding, tax paying, licensed, U.S. arms were behind the gang violence in Mexico.   This ATF backed operation was supposed  to provide a basis for further restrictions on U.S. arms sales

It was the the Obama Administration which was deliberately allowing, even encouraging, the cross-border transshipment of firearms from the US. This is now was well known fact.  

I am exceedingly skeptical of an MSM-(Main Stream Media) news stories which claim a 90 percentile accuracy of events occurring in foreign countries.   It was the US MSM which claimed that 90 percent of ALL Mexican cartel guns were coming from  U.S. law abiding, tax paying, licensed, U.S. arms dealers. 
 Led by the ATF the American MSM blamed  law abiding, tax paying, licensed, U.S. arms dealers as the real villains behind the Mexican drug cartels violence.  
My question is why would the Mexican cartels buy arms from the US when they can easily buy in BULK all the weapons they need at far cheaper prices, without having to go across the heavily policed US boarder. As a matter of ease and cheaper prices the Mexican drug cartels can purchase all the weapons they need from Mexico's southern border with Central and South America.   Where, there are literally unlimited State and private arms dealers who's weapon stores are NOT limited to single shot guns, as is the case here in America. The global arms market, which flows unimpeded into central and south America far exceeds anything found here on US soil.  For example , there are no rocket launchers, no explosives, no automatic weapons, no machine guns, no RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenades), no hand-grenades, no C-4 explosives sold by law abiding, tax paying, licensed, U.S. arms dealers.  Yet, ALL of these are commonly found at Mexican drug cartel's strong holds.  On US soil the best the Mexican drug cartel hopes to find is a pistol, a rifle, or a handgun, that only fires one bullet at a time.  A far cry from the automatic machine guns easily bought and sold all over Mexico. 

The TRUTH of the matter is of course that the Obama Administration was intentionally turning a blind eye to the cross-border shipments of firearms, which we now know was a ATF operation all along.    What then was the true objective of the Obama Administration? 

The ultimate aim of the Obama Administration was to pass further restrictions and more draconian gun laws. To remove from law abiding, tax paying, U.S. citizens their 2nd Amendment right to 'Keep and Bear Arms'   

All in an concerted effort to subvert the US constitution and further enslave Free Americans. 

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Anonymous said...

Well written and very informative in respect to the Obama administration's stance on the right of the American populace right to keep and bear arms.