Saturday, June 25, 2011

Old Black Magic George Soros is at it again...

George Soros is investing in flooded farm land through his company Ospraie Capital Management.
 Soros used the same investment front to sneak into the grain elevator and fertilizer business.

This is being called a joint venture with Teays River Investments.   

That is just a ruse to make others think Ol' Black Magic is not really interested in the Farming business.   The truth is, Soros see's what power Monsanto holds over the worlds useless eaters.   He's looking to a world where FOOD commodities are suddenly worth more than gold.      

Makes sense to start buying up flooded farm land from the poor who can't afford to start over.   Mind you Georgie won't spend any of his money to get the farmland up and running.  He will get the US gov to hand him tax credits to get the land up and running.  

Then, with US taxpayer money he can turn that farmland into green gold. 

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