Thursday, January 20, 2011

GPS Warfare by the US DoD

 A recent flight advisory just issued by the FAA, which warns pilots that their GPS signal "may be unreliable or unavailable" due to "GPS tests.

The Department of Defense will be conducting ' TESTS' between January 20th and February 22nd.

Details are fairly light beyond that, but the FAA does note that when the "tests" occur they will be active for 45 minutes, and be followed by 15 minutes of off time -- additional notices to pilots will apparently be issued at least 24 hours prior to any test.

Of course, while this particular advisory is directed at pilots, it will presumably will also affect all other GPS devices, as the FAA doesn't mention any GPS issues specific to aviation. The real question, however, is just what those mysterious "GPS tests" are -- if they're, in fact, GPS tests at all...


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Colin said...

They were testing 4G wireless effects on certain freqs that can and probably will interfere with commercial airline navigation over North America when the new 4G networks become fully rolled out. FAA is investigating potentially limiting the higher freqs used, but that has all kinds of downstream headaches written all over it for the big telco operators.

Ohhh, or maybe it was UFO's ????
nyuk, nyuk.