Saturday, November 13, 2010

California‘s missile

Eyewitness account of  California‘s missile.

I served and qualified fully as a junior officer aboard a 688i class sub from 2000 to 2003 out of San Diego. We completed various missions, including ops in areas like the YELLOW SEA.”

 The list of possibilities for this event is rather short based on the facts. Let’s just say the USN *may* know where every PRC sub is every instant in time based on ALL kinds of intel. And when they don’t, let’s just say that may be a priority. Beyond that, for a PRC sub to transit the pacific and launch only miles away from US territory would be like trying to drive a dump truck inside the lobby of a public library without anyone noticing. There’s only one set of non-US subs that would have a prayer to pull this off, and they’ve been rusting for 15+ years now.
 So, this has to be an accident (basically impossible given the USN’s procedures), or a US launch where the DOD for some reason is playing dumb. When I was in, the USN tended to conduct a full FLBM (fleet-launch ballistic missile) test only every 1-2 years and it’s a BIG deal when it happens. The third possibility is that this isn’t a FLBM and something even more unlikley or unusual.
So take your pick.
by tahoebumsmith
on Tue, 11/09/2010 – 13:06

As I said on the other string, My son reported seeing 2 stealth bombers flying over head in Nor Cal just before dusk. I questioned him on what he saw and he informed me they were the black triangles we saw at the air show and were hovering for a moment and then shot towards the coast??? Happened about the same time?? I’m wondering if it was related?

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